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Hunt Mortgage Group is a subsidiary of Hunt Companies.

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Commercial Real Estate Insights
  • 11/23/2016

    What You Need To Know About Financing a Multifamily Property

    Before you make the decision to invest in a multifamily property, there are several pieces of pertinent information that you cannot afford to miss. The expert lenders at Hunt Mortgage Group have compiled some information that we hope will be…

  • 11/09/2016

    Differences Between Commercial and Residential Loans

    Commercial and residential loans have some similarities. Both types of loan are taken out on properties and they both use the property itself as collateral. However, despite sharing these similarities, both commercial and residential also have key differences that encompass…

  • 08/19/2016

    What is a Credit Facility?

    Have you ever heard of an Agency credit facility? Even if you are familiar with this term, do you know exactly how it works? We understand that corporate jargon may cause some confusion. This is why Hunt Mortgage Group has…