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Small Balance Loan Options in Los Angeles, CA

Hunt Mortgage Group finances $1 to $5 million loans nationwide.

Hunt Mortgage Group offers Los Angeles, CA superior financial assistance regarding small balance commercial real estate loans in amounts ranging from $1 million to $5 million. The knowledgeable experts of our Small Balance group provide agency and non-agency small balance real estate loans.  We provide buyers and owners with commercial real estate finance, by giving clients strategic guidance throughout the small balance real estate financing process. As a Fannie Mae DUS and a Freddie Mac lender, we hold the honor of being one of the three firms that initially launched Freddie Mac’s new Small Balance Program in 2014.


Customizable Loan Programs in Los Angeles, CA


Focused on financing conventional, affordable, and small balance multifamily properties, Hunt Mortgage Group offers finance, affordable housing, manufactured housing, and senior living housing in Los Angeles. We help our clients work with healthcare real estate lenders, retail real estate lenders, and senior living lenders throughout California. Offering a broad range of real estate finance solutions, Hunt Mortgage Group offers a customizable small commercial real estate loan program focused on maximizing our client’s return across 50 states and throughout seventeen offices: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Irvine, Miami, New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Rafael, Seattle, and Washington DC.

Hunt Mortgage Group’s proprietary bridge loan financing is designed for multifamily and commercial projects in Los Angeles seeking interim financing for rehabilitation, preparation for and/or transition to the most attractive permanent term. We provide real estate financing within 36 months of closing with our proprietary lending program. With this proprietary lending program, we make all the credit decisions and fund the loans, providing our clients with seamless, fast and flexible executions.



For more information, contact:

Rick Warren

Senior Managing Director
Small Balance
Work: (949) 221 -

18300 Von Karman Avenue

Suite 600

Irvine, CA 92612

  • Fannie Mae ProductsAs a Fannie Mae DUS™ lender, we offer fixed or floating rate financing for acquisition, refinancing and moderate rehabilitation. Terms range from 5 years to 30 years and may be fully amortizing, or contain partial or full interest-only options. Through these programs we offer first mortgage financing and subsequent supplemental (subordinate) financing and/or substitution of single assets
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    Fannie Mae Permanent Financing

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  • Freddie Mac ProductsAs a Freddie Mac Program Plus™ seller/servicer, Hunt Mortgage Group offers financing for fixed or floating rate financing for conventional and affordable multifamily properties. We provide financing for the acquisition or refinancing of stabilized properties, and also offer specialized programs for recently completed properties in lease-up and value-add acquisitions needing shorter term financing. Terms typically range from 5 years to 30 years and may be fully amortizing or contain partial or full (interest-only) options. Through this program we offer first mortgage financing and subsequent supplemental (subordinate) financing.
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  • Proprietary Lending ProductsHunt Mortgage Group provides propriety fixed and floating financing for multifamily and commercial properties. Our bridge lending program is designed for those seeking interim financing for rehabilitation, preparation for and/or transition to attractive permanent term financing. We structure bridge loans to meet permanent financing criteria within 12-60 months of closing. With our proprietary program, we alone make the credit decision and fund the loans.
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    Hunt Mortgage Group Proprietary Lending

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