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Hunt Mortgage Group Supports RAD Financing for Affordable Housing in Dallas, TX

Standing at the focal point of HUD’s strategy to preserve at-risk public and assisted-housing developments, the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program continues to transform public housing, bringing unprecedented benefits to local communities throughout the United States. The RAD program enables the use of public and private investments to help revitalize and preserve much needed affordable housing. Hunt Mortgage Group stands committed to working with public housing authorities under the RAD program, playing an integral role in this important program.

With more than 11 million households in the United States paying more than half of their monthly income on rent, leaving countless people with too little for other basic expenses like healthcare, nutritious food, and reliable transportation. While the RAD program had a tremendous impact on local communities, more affordable housing initiatives are still needed.

To meet this increasing demand for affordable housing, Hunt Mortgage Group offers comprehensive financing opportunities to investors for converting properties to project-based rental assistance as authorized under the Rental Assistance Demonstration Program.

Secure The Best RAD Financing in Dallas

At Hunt Mortgage Group, we are proud to be a licensed Fannie Mae DUS™ lender, a Freddie Mac Program Plus™ seller/servicer, and a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) approved lender. Working with Freddie Mac to finance properties enables us to leverage our collective strengths to develop high-quality affordable housing. But our real success lies in our continual focus to find the best affordable housing financing solutions that align with our clients’ goals and resources.

Holding decades of unmatched experienced, we thoroughly understand the affordable housing industry, having financed thousands of successful affordable housing construction projects throughout the United States. Each affordable housing project that we helped finance represents a real person or family, as well as an opportunity for a more stable and satisfying life.

Receive Customized Financing Solutions With Hunt Mortgage Group

With clients in 50 states and access to capital resources from a wide variety of financial sourcing options, Hunt Mortgage Group can meet the demands of affordable housing properties, regardless of the scale or financial need. With extensive lending industry knowledge and our dedicated underwriting professionals, we will work carefully through each detail and every step in the financing process. Hunt provides direct access to our financing specialists to answer your most complicated financial questions. We also offer financing for all types of commercial real estate in Dallas: multi-family properties (including small balance), affordable housing, office, retail, manufactured housing, healthcare/senior living, industrial, and self-storage facilities.

Are you a contractor looking to invest in affordable housing property in Dallas and need a loan? For more information regarding RAD financing, contact Hunt Mortgage Group today!

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