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The Hunt Mortgage Group Multifamily Loans Advantage

Securing a Multi Family Home Loan

The Hunt Mortgage Group is an industry leader in conventional and affordable multi family home loans, and we know that financing is what makes for a great investment.  Through our broad range of solutions, we can help you determine best how to finance a multi family property.  We have developed a highly customizable small balance multifamily lending program that maximizes your return based on the needs and requirements of your multifamily property. So many factors are involved in selecting the right commercial real estate loan for you, including rates, fees, terms, lock-out periods, and a long list of others.  We search relevant multifamily loan programs for you, saving you valuable time and money and ensuring that we can offer competitive multifamily loan rates and reduced financing costs.  Our clients benefit from established relationships with property owners and developers, institutional investors as well as leading government-sponsored entities, for those seeking FHA multifamily loans. We also offer proprietary bridge loan financing for most commercial multifamily properties that are structured to meet permanent real estate finance criteria of commercial mortgages within 36 months of closing. 

When it comes to working with multifamily lenders, you need to plan with experts who are able to navigate opportunities in the marketplace of real estate lenders.  We use our research and expertise to ensure that you are not bending your deal to meet the requirements and structures of multifamily lenders. With our seamless, fast and flexible multi family real estate loan process, we provide a level of execution that will meet your needs and avoid delays that can be costly.  We operate in 50 states through our 16 offices:  New York, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Ft. Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, Irvine and San Rafael, CA, and Washington, DC.

The Hunt Mortgage Group has a 43-year track record as a leading, full-service real estate finance and investment company.  Historically focused on conventional, affordable, and small balance real estate properties, today we also finance manufactured housing, healthcare, senior housing, office, and retail.  We also focus on industrial real estate loans and self-storage real estate loans throughout the United States.   Offering strategic advice, we guide you through the complexity of the multi family loan process, helping you to identify and close the optimal multifamily loan for you and your property. 

For more information, contact:

Vic Clark

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Commercial Real Estate
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2525 McKinnon Street
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  • Fannie Mae ProductsAs a Fannie Mae DUS™ lender, we offer fixed or floating rate financing for acquisition, refinancing and moderate rehabilitation. Terms range from 5 years to 30 years and may be fully amortizing, or contain partial or full interest-only options. Through these programs we offer first mortgage financing and subsequent supplemental (subordinate) financing and/or substitution of single assets.
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    Permanent Financing Solutions

    Eligible Property Types

    Fannie Mae Multiple Asset Transactions/Negotiated Pools

    • Credit facility
    • Bulk Delivery/MATS
    • Negotiated Pools

    Rate-options & Features*

    • Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans
    • Structured Adjustable Rate Mortgage loans
    • Streamline Rate lock and Early Rate Lock

    * The rate options and features listed above are available for the majority of Fannie Mae’s permanent financing executions, eligible property types, and multiple asset transactions.  Please contact your local regional office for further details.

  • Freddie Mac ProductsAs a Freddie Mac Program Plus™ seller/servicer, Hunt Mortgage Group offers financing for fixed and adjustable rate conventional and affordable mortgage products. We provide financing for the acquisition or refinancing of stabilized properties, and also offer specialized programs for recently completed properties in lease-up and value-add acquisitions needing shorter term financing. Terms typically range from 5 years to 30 years and may be fully amortizing or contain partial or full (interest-only) options. Through this program we offer first mortgage financing and subsequent supplemental (subordinate) financing.
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    Freddie Mac Mortgage Program Offerings

    Eligible Property Types

    Structured Financing Solutions

    • Revolving Credit facility
    • Single Sponsor CME Execution

    Rate-options & Features*

    *The rate options and features listed above are available for the majority of Freddie Mac Mortgage Program offerings, Eligible Property Types, and Structured Financing Solutions. Please contact your local regional office further details.

  • Federal Housing Administration (FHA) ProductsMultifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) is a national fast-track processing system for the FHA multifamily mortgage insurance programs. As an approved FHA MAP lender, Hunt Mortgage Group is responsible for preparation of most documents required for an application for mortgage insurance and for making a recommendation to the HUD field offices based upon Hunt Mortgage Group’s processing and underwriting.↓ See All Products & Details

    Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Mortgage Insurance Origination

    • Loan Types: New Construction, Substantial Rehabilitation, Refinance, and Acquisition
    • Term: Up to 40 years
    • Interest Rates: Fixed rate
    • Spread: Market
    • Amortization: Up to 40 years
    • Prepayment: Fixed step-down prepayment structure
    • Pledge: First mortgage
    • Fees: Market
    • Recourse: Non-recourse except for customary environmental, malfeasance and fraud carve-outs.
    • Reserves: Taxes and insurance; replacement reserves.
    • Loan Costs: Borrower is responsible for all legal and third-party fees.
  • Proprietary Lending ProductsHunt Mortgage Group provides propriety fixed and floating financing for multifamily and commercial properties. Our bridge lending program is designed for those seeking interim financing for rehabilitation, preparation for and/or transition to attractive permanent term financing. We structure bridge loans to meet permanent financing criteria within 12-60 months of closing. With our proprietary program, we alone make the credit decision and fund the loans.
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    Hunt Mortgage Group Proprietary Lending

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