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Hunt Mortgage Group

Healthcare and Senior Housing Loans Through Hunt Mortgage Group

Real Estate Loans for the Healthcare Industry

As healthcare policies continue to evolve, Hunt Mortgage Group is dedicated to providing expertise in the financing of specialized living facilities including: senior housing, assisted living, independent living, medical and surgical centers, outpatient treatment facilities, and medical offices.  Our experts research real estate finance options and help clients navigate the complex policies and healthcare real estate lender opportunities related to the healthcare industry.  With the aging senior population and the growing demand for a wide range of facilities related to healthcare and senior housing, Hunt Mortgage Group customizes real estate loan programs to meet the specific needs of clients,  using creativity and research to help you make the best possible investment.  We are an industry leader with  more than 40 years of expertise in structuring  real estate loans throughout the U.S.  We offer a full range of real estate finance options for owners of specialized living communities, senior housing, and healthcare facilities, we provide guidance throughout the entire commercial real estate finance process.

When  making a real estate loan, Hunt Mortgage Group evaluates relevant factors including commercial real estate loan rates and focuses on maximizing your return.  Our seamless, fast, and flexible mortgage program is available in 50 states through our 16 offices: New York, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Ft. Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, Irvine and San Rafael, CA, and Washington, DC.  Home Mortgage Group works to ensure that you have the best possible commercial financing.

For commercial property owners seeking bridge loan financing, we offer floating rate short-term loans via our proprietary bridge financing program.   Bridge loans are designed for commercial projects seeking interim financing for rehabilitation, preparation for and/or transition to the most attractive permanent term real estate finance. We structure bridge loan financing to meet permanent real estate financing criteria within 36 months of closing. With this proprietary lending program, we make all the credit decisions and fund the loans, providing our clients with seamless, fast and flexible executions.

  • Federal Housing Administration (FHA) ProductsMultifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) is a national fast-track processing system for the FHA multifamily mortgage insurance programs. As an approved FHA MAP lender, Hunt Mortgage Group is responsible for preparation of most documents required for an application for mortgage insurance and for making a recommendation to the HUD field offices based upon Hunt Mortgage Group’s processing and underwriting.↓ See All Products & Details
  • Proprietary Lending ProductsHunt Mortgage Group provides propriety fixed and floating financing for multifamily and commercial properties. Our bridge lending program is designed for those seeking interim financing for rehabilitation, preparation for and/or transition to attractive permanent term financing. We structure bridge loans to meet permanent financing criteria within 12-60 months of closing. With our proprietary program, we alone make the credit decision and fund the loans.↓ See All Products & Details
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