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GSE Financing Solutions for Residential Investors in Dallas, TX

The government supports multi-family real estate through trusted agencies, which facilitate a robust housing marketing that benefits families across the United States by allowing more affordable housing options. Among these Government Sponsored Entities (GSE) are Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae; each organization supports the origination of loans for multi-family real estate development, particularly for stabilized assets that are being acquired or refinanced. As both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have a vast, government-supplied balance sheet, these loans are extremely cost-effective, and are often the best choice for debt financing on an existing multi-family asset.

By supporting the origination of loans for multi-family real estate development, particularly for stabilized assets that are being acquired or refinanced, each GSE acts as the largest source able to provide competitive financing options for a wide variety of multi-family properties in Dallas.

Get Financing Through a Trusted Fannie Mae-Approved Lender

Hunt Mortgage Group is a proud Fannie Mae DUS® lender, one of only an elite few nationwide, offering the best finance options for all types of commercial real estate including multi-family properties, small balance, affordable housing, office, retail, manufactured housing, healthcare/senior living, industrial, and self-storage facilities.

Multi-family loans are our core lending focus at Hunt Mortgage Group. With a comprehensive history of success, we offer our clients the best multi-family loans insured by the nation’s top GSE lenders. These multi-family loans offer:

  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Diverse Property Types
  • Competitive Rates
  • Attractive Terms
  • Flexible Financing

At Hunt Mortgage Group, we strive to deliver the best multi-family financing options. By strategically targeting a precise segment of the market, we are able to effectively provide our clients with a low rate, multi-family financing solution that will make their deals more successful.

Secure The Best GSE Financing in Dallas

Hunt Mortgage Group partners with clients to quickly and efficiently close their loans before managing their long-term servicing. Our extraordinary commitment to our clients’ success is backed by more than four decades of multi-family financing expertise. Each initiative we take aims to make your next housing project more profitable because client success is our overarching goal.

With extensive lending industry knowledge and guidance, Hunt’s dedicated loan servicing and real estate asset management team will work carefully through each detail and every step in the process to deliver customized loans. In addition, Hunt Mortgage Group provides direct access to our loan-servicing specialists, who will answer your most complicated financial questions.

For more information regarding Fannie Mae or our other financing solutions, contact a nearby Hunt Mortgage Group office today!

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