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Fannie Mae Delegated Underwriting and Servicing

Hunt Mortgage Group

Streamlined Financing with Fannie Mae’s Delegated Underwriting and Servicing Product

Hunt Mortgage Group is one of a small group of lenders approved as a Fannie Mae’s Delegated Underwriting and Servicing lender (DUS®). Standard industry practice involves a loan purchaser underwriting or re-underwriting each loan before making a decision to purchase or guaranty it. But approved lenders can underwrite, close and deliver most loans without pre-review from Fannie Mae. This translates into the most efficient and streamlined service available in the industry.

DUS Lenders are well capitalized and experienced in all aspects of multifamily finance, resulting in reliable service under all market conditions. Approved DUS lenders also adhere to rigorous credit and underwriting standards and submit to Fannie Mae’s ongoing credit review and monitoring. They underwrite, close, deliver, and service loans on Fannie Mae multifamily properties and typically retain one-third of the credit risk on every loan.

Hunt Mortgage Group has closed multifamily loans in every region of the country while developing well-established relationships with Fannie Mae. Hunt seeks to create superior value for borrowers and investors through unsurpassed customer service in the industry. Hunt Mortgage Group continues to emphasize integrity and responsiveness—the type of comprehensive, personal service on which investors and borrowers depend.

Hunt Mortgage Group DUS® Lending

With over 40 years of housing financing industry experience, Hunt Mortgage Group has consistently been recognized as a Fannie Mae Delegated Underwriting and Servicing (DUS) program leader for both product development and procedural excellence. Hunt’s experienced team has provided billions in specialty housing capital to the multifamily housing industry.

Hunt Mortgage Group partners with clients to quickly and efficiently close their loans, then manage their life-of-loan servicing. With extensive lending industry knowledge and guidance, Hunt’s dedicated loan servicing and real estate asset management team will work carefully through each detail and every step in the process. Hunt Mortgage Group also provides direct access to our loan-servicing specialists, who will answer your most complicated financial questions.

For more information regarding Fannie Mae’s Delegated Underwriting and Servicing Product, contact your local Hunt Mortgage Group office today!

For more information, contact:

Vic Clark

Senior Managing Director,
Commercial Real Estate

2525 McKinnon Street
Suite 300
Dallas, TX 75201

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