K-1 Tax Information

This page provides online tax information for Public Fund investors. Please choose the appropriate option below to access information on your investment.

K-1’s for:

Independence Tax Credit Plus LP III was terminated during 2013. As such Schedule K-1 forms for the 2013 tax year were mailed in December 2013 and are now available online. Independence Tax Credit Plus LP II and IV will be in the mail by March 15th. Subsequently, they will be available on-line and you may access your K-1 by clicking on the link below. Please realize you will need the taxpayer identification number (i.e. social security number) the investment is registered to as well as your six-digit investor number. If you do not have your investor number, please contact Denise Bernstein at (212) 521-6451 to obtain it.

2014 Supplemental Tax Information for:

2013 Supplemental Tax Information for: