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Hunt Mortgage Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hunt Companies.

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Commercial Real Estate Insights
  • 07/25/2017

    Property Manager Tips: How To Appeal To Millennial Renters

    In order to appeal to a thriving real estate market today, real estate developers and property managers alike need to understand pivotal changes in market trends. In an effort to increase their ROI, property owners must understand the needs of…

  • 06/21/2017

    Growth of Green Building Practices

    Green construction is heavily growing in America by rapidly outpacing conventional construction. The 2015 Green Building Impact Study predicted that green construction would account for more than 3.3 million U.S. jobs in 2018. This number makes up more than one-third…

  • 06/07/2017

    Making Cities More Affordable

    Affordable housing stands at the forefront of creating diverse and connected communities from encouraging city development, assisting the lower class, and creating an attainable standard of living. The cost of living in America’s top cities like New York continues to…

  • 05/23/2017

    Why It’s Difficult to Find Affordable Housing

    With a growing economy and lower interest rates, why do many Americans continue to face roadblocks, preventing them from achieving affordable housing? Millennials and middle-class buyers seeking affordable housing have found difficulty in finding vacant homes due to high demand…

  • 05/10/2017

    5 More Affordable Housing Myths

    Community residents often become concerned when they learn about affordable housing development in their neighborhoods. Although it receives a bad reputation, affordable housing can actually help families and communities thrive. In a previous blog entry, Hunt Mortgage Group cracked the…