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Hunt Mortgage Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hunt Companies.

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Commercial Real Estate Insights
  • 10/13/2016

    3 Helpful Tips for Closing a Commercial Real Estate Loan Quickly

    Selecting the ideal property may seem like one of the more difficult aspects of commercial real estate investing. However, the closing process can be just as complicated. Unanticipated fees, looming deadlines, and fears of a deal breaking down if financing…

  • 09/21/2016

    3 Basic Types of Commercial Real Estate

    Unlike residential real estate, which is only classified in several categories, commercial real estate is much different. When considering the different types of commercial real estate, people typically only think about: office buildings, company warehouses or shopping centers. However, what…

  • 09/09/2016

    Applying for a Commercial Real Estate Loan: What You Need to Know

    Although many business owners are experienced at applying for residential loans, the truth is that qualifying for, and obtaining, a commercial real estate loan can be a much more challenging process. You may be thinking to yourself, “These loans can’t…

  • 08/19/2016

    What is a Credit Facility?

    Have you ever heard of an Agency credit facility? Even if you are familiar with this term, do you know exactly how it works? We understand that corporate jargon may cause some confusion. This is why Hunt Mortgage Group has…

  • 08/08/2016

    How to Successfully Manage Global Marketing Teams

    Companies with global operations need to understand that it is essential to have a strong, consistent marketing strategy if they wish to be successful. If these companies want to achieve their goals, they need to follow a few basic principles…